PLM Prompt: 3D, VR Cameras and xBOX 360

Short and powerful message – 3D is coming! Microsoft announced VR camera availability on xBOX 360. Delivered by 3DVIA Virtools and MP it will provide a new type of user experience never seen before! Watch these Lionhead “Milo” project videos. Created by the acclaimed studio Lionhead Studio, this game is one of several minigames meant for playing with the “Project Natal” body-sensing motion controller.

3D Cameras are actually nothing new, but seeing them coming onto a console like xBOX 360 is very interesting. I think it will allow totally new types of interaction.

What do you think about adoption of these technologies beyond games for 3D design, production and manufacturing?


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  • solidsmack

    Now we’re talking, Lionhead is closest actual VR experience I’ve ever seen.

  • Josh, I know you like 3D and prob. hate all data management :)… enjoy!. BTW, on COFES 2009 I’ve seen interesting presentation of motion recognition technologies. Need to find it out and post about it too…

  • Nice website, I was doing some net browsing and happened upon your blog, I was wondering if you knew your website is displaying strangely within the K-mellon browser. I will see most of it but the pictures are somehow out of whack. Probably not a huge issue since hardly no one utilizes it any longer but I am old school and still run it.

  • Well, Thanks for comment! I’m checking on IE, Chrome, FF. This site is using online/hosted version of WP, so I have not much to do with browser support. Sorry. Oleg

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