PLM Prompt: How do you keep PLM up to date?

PLM Prompt: How do you keep PLM up to date?

I had chace to read today Forrester Report “The State of Enterprise Software 2009” by Heidi Lo, R “Ray” Wang, and Jean-Pierre Garbani.

The State of the art enterprise 2009

What made me worry? The following are three top software initiatives in organizations –

(1) Updating apps,

(2) Consolidating or rationalizing enterprise apps

(3) Deployment and use of collaboration technologies.

My point is that to change or update today’s PLM implementation is not a simple task.  If do not provide easy way to handle our PLM initiatives, we’ll become leagcy and will be “rationalized”…

What is your view on this?

when it comes to importance, with more than one-quarter (26%) of firms saying that updating and
modernizing key legacy apps is very important.


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  • Roberto Picco

    You are absolutely right. Do worry. A well-implemented PDM/PLM solution has its roots so deep in the “design” process that changing (or even updating) it is a pain in the neck. I think that migration tools, file formats interoperability and multiCADs are the answer you are looking for…

  • Roberto Picco

    With multiCADs I mean “multiple CADs, used in the same company, working together”.

  • Jovan

    This is one of the reason the clouds are so important… you can improve the service (as well as you can degrade it, true) without asking the customer to do the migration. You can as well have a better control on what’s done at the customer side.

    I had another dream. What if the PLM language was shared by all players? What if the value of the PLM vendors was not on how to manage data, but on how you know the business processes? how to create user interface paradigms… in brief, to place the user at the center of the software design process…

  • Roberto, Thanks a lot for your comment!… yes, to be flexible, to move between environment, improve what we have. This is in my view missing link. Average PLM delpoyment is too long and too complex. Regards, Oleg

  • Jovan, Cloud is good, since you don’t need to do on site. I agree. But… biggest pain of cloud services today is flexibility and customization. This is still hardly achievable task on the cloud. What is good for mail, still doesn’t work for PLM and enterprise solutions in general.
    Your dream can be partially realized by using Open Source Software. You can upload, use and share with community. You can try Aras for this.
    Best, Oleg