PLM Prompt: Google Fusion Tables – PLM on Steroids?

PLM Prompt: Google Fusion Tables – PLM on Steroids?

Short note this morning. I was impressed to see Google Labs product – Google Fusion Tables. This is Google’s experimental data management system on cloud. You can upload your data, filter, visualize (i.e. Map) on Google map and collaborate with other people…

Sampe of uploaded data

Visualize table data on map

Sounds interesting? I think so…


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  • It is good to see that Google is finally entering the Data Visualization and Infographics space with Google Fusion. But they have a log way to go. They need introduce better visualizations and support live data.

    I was looking for a online (web-based) tool that can create visualizations from live data (RSS or HTML Table). I stumbled upon IBM’s Many Eyes Wikified which allows you to take a live feed and create visualizations using live data. Many Eyes Wikified supports all of Many Eyes visualizations, which are really good.

    Note: It appears Wikified Many Eyes can’t handle data with a large number of columns. So you may have to filter the live feed before Many Eyes Wikified can consume it.

  • Saqb Ali, in my view IBM Many Eyes (btw very nice stuff) is more about visualization purposes, but not specifically connected to the technology that may enable it in enterprise. Especially column oriented data today is better supported in BI type of storages. Also, column oriented databases need to be considered… Thanks for your comments! Welcome to plmtwine discussion…. Best, Oleg

  • Oleg,

    I believe IBM offers Many Eyes for Corporate use that can be hosted inside a firewall. You can contact them at for more info.


  • Saqib, Good to know… Thanks for the information! Oleg.

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