PLM Prompt: Google App’s scripts for PLM?

My short and powerful prompt today. Google launched Google Apps Scripts. I’d recommend to see video.

I think, this is impressive and expected step from Google. Even, if I understood Google Apps is armed against MS Office, it creates more advanced environment for collaboration online. With my love and hate relationships to Excel, I started to draft my Bill of Material in Google Apps today.

Just my thoughts, ymmv. What do you think?
Best, Oleg


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  • Mahesh

    Looks good .. Wondering this can help create improved user interfaces in PLM for manipulation of complex structure information and enable faster user adoption of PLM used to Excel sheets.

    Would like to know which areas in PLM do you forsee application of Google Apps ? One thing strikes me is BOM cost management where we have lots of analytics that we can leverage spreadsheet like feature embeded into mainstream PLM table components.

  • Mahesh, this is, of course, not solution and even not full scope infrastructure for PLM. But what is impressing is combination of superb simplicity, google online stuff and flexible scripting. In Excel you stuck with file in the end, here you are online… I believe functions outside of organization have better potential, since they by definition exposed out and less dependent on IT and internal corp restrictions…. My thoughts, Oleg.

  • Point taken, sir! You receive an excel a a few clicks later, you are through with it, all ONLINE just bridging over the downloading thing. Nice discussion. Interesting and informative.

  • Yes, online scripts in Google Apps is very powerful in my view. Oleg.