PLM Prompt: Who will rebuild PLM for Mac?

outlook-macShort prompt. I’m reading the article “Microsoft Outlook sets its sights for Mac”.“Microsoft is offering Outlook on Mac to enterprises because of the increasing Mac presence in business. “We’re seeing customers choose the Mac platform in the enterprise, but whether their business is all Mac or a mix of Mac and PC, they interact with other customers using Windows or Macs,” Tedesco said.”

So, Office 2008 will move to Mac’s next year. Microsoft will rebuild Outlook ground up on Mac using Cocoa. Maybe it’s only me, but I see signs of Mac around much more than before. Is it timing to think about Mac and PLM usability?

Just my thoughts… Best, Oleg


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  • Roberto Picco

    I think we talked about Mac before, Oleg. I’m a mac user since 2006 and I must admit I love it for one great reason: it works. When I had a pc at home it was like bringing office work at home: compatibility issues, drivers, antivirus… Now I switch it on and it’s done! Maintenance is easy, updating a breeze… The Mac strong point is standard hardware. Major software vendors tried the “certified hadrware” path, but it partially worked IMHO. Too many manufacturers, no one there to control the final product. To be honest, there are some excellent PCs on the market, but which is the price for those solutions?

  • Roberto Picco

    … and I think there were rumors about a mac version of AutoCAD as well…

  • Roberto, I think Autodesk announced support for Mac (hardware), but not Leopard. Regards, Oleg

  • Siemens PLM Software supports the Mac platform for both NX (CAD) and Teamcenter (PLM).

  • Paolo, Yes, I know. How NX/TC for Mac is different from Windows version? is it native Mac apps? Regards, Oleg

  • Oleg,

    There is no doubt that overall Mac market share has grown steadily since the mid-90’s.

    Have you guys seen an increase in queries for Mac support? I have and there seems to be an increase in engineering companies’ use of Macs.

    To answer your question above, NX does provide native support for Mac OS X. This means that NX functionality has been fully ported to this platform and has been developed to run natively, i.e. without any emulation software.


  • Jerry, Thank you for your comment and welcome to plmtwine! I think “traditional” engineering companies are continue to work on wintell computers. I do believe that we can see more Macs in emergent industries like apparel, life science etc. Thanks for clarification re NX. Best, Oleg

  • Christian

    At least Siemens NX requires X11 and Motif, so not a native app.
    Teamcenter is based on Eclipse.

  • Christian, What do you mean based on Eclipse? I never heard Teamcenter have native Mac user interface. I thought NX does, but TC is going with Web interface only. Best, Oleg.