Cloud of Data – can it work for PLM?

data-cloudI’m continuing to explore a world of cloud for PLM. Today, I want to take and discuss a direction which looks for me very promising as advanced collaboration capabilities. Yes, we are very aware about a concern many companies have with regards to placement of their IP on cloud/ internet. However, on the other side, there is lots of product information that disclosed and becomes public anyway. When a company releases their products to the market, it stops becoming a secret. Also, companies are very often disclosing data for purposes of collaboration with external partners and customers.

So, why we cannot be use cloud platform for these purposes? Yes, I think, we can. I had chance to see videos of Factual company focuses on the creation repository of open data. Pretty cool, it reminds our lovely Microsoft Excels, but on cloud. I see these are potential services for engineers, marketers and sales people in the company to collaborate and share data they need.

factualHow To Create a Table With Factual on Howcast

I have to say, Factual is not the only company trying to do so.I can point on Freemix project by Zepheira, Freebase and some others.

What is my conclusion today? I think cloud storage of data will continue to growth. Its up to PLM vendors to explore potential opportunity and way to use it for customer benefits.

Best, Ole


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  • yml

    I am not sure to understand your concern about IP because it would be store in the “cloud”.

    Each time you post about this you tend to make the assumption that the cloud must be hosted by an external company.

    Do you have any particular motivation to do this ? Nothing is preventing you from building your own cloud. Here it is a simple technical documentation on how you would do this :



  • Yann, I’m aware about “private cloud” option. In my view, this option have no difference from today enterprise web architecture. For me, cloud is something that can scale beyond single enterprise. The advantage of this system is benefits of scale. Example – gmail. I know, Google is unique today, but you see also a very unique benefits compared to what organization can provide you. My corp. mail is very limited compared to gmail from standpoint of capacity, availability etc. Does it make sense? Best, Oleg

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  • yml

    There is an important distinction between the infrastructure and the software, service, provided. The fact that industrial company are reluctant to put their data on the cloud.

    They will have no control on the infrastructure nor on the software. I believe that the adoption pace will increase as company can choose what they want to control : Infrastructure, software(service). I believe that mix infrastructure public/private cloud make a lot of sense in most of the cases.

    It seems that many big company do not share your opinion about “private cloud”. Here it is a video demonstrating the case :


  • Yann, I think cloud is about to use scale. In case of private vs. public is just about who owns infrastructure – you are right. This is what guys from IBM is explaining. Sort of renaissance of mainframes :). And in the end is all about efficiency and benefit it can bring us. Best, Oleg