Microsoft Futuristic PLM Commercials and Google’s reality

Some thoughts about how Microsoft’s futuristic commercials can be connected to Google’ reality. Yesterday announcement of Visual Search or how Google called it Google Googles, drove me to think and connect some of my previous posts and videos I had chance to see before.

According to the information provided, ““Google is working on Google Visual Search, a mobile application that lets users take a picture of a location from their Android-powered smartphone and trigger a Google search that pulls up information associated with the image”. You can see some product video and if you have G1 phone you can try this product from Google Labs.

What was interesting to discover is relation to one of my previous posts. Time ago, I wrote about PLM content downstream usage. I put few pictures from futuristic search solutions done by Behance Network Projects. I think you will agree- this is very much similar to what we can see on Visual Search by Google.

Another interesting event, about a year ago I had chance to see very futuristic commercial video about the future of Manufacturing done by Microsoft. Some of the presented features are very close to the reality presented by Google in their visual search. Take a look on pictures and video below.

This is an original Microsoft video:

I’ll not make my conclusion today. I will leave you to think and made your own.

These are only my thoughts. YMMV.

Best, Oleg


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  • Matt Bromley

    Oleg – this is interesting, but got me thinking of something else. In this drive towards a more Utopian vision of product development – who can drive the real innovation. It all seems pretty fragmented today between multiple domains and sets of infrastructure. Is the next leap from the tool vendors, providing enhanced design tool capability, is it the interaction between tool vendors (domains) which has been inherently difficult because of the lack of standards? What role can companies like Microsoft & Google play? How do you see all these different design domains, simulations, systems analysis tools, etc., coming together. What are the pre-req steps to us building towards this environment? And when I can take a photo of my laptop and have it show all the system details, configurations, drawings, design data ?

  • Matt, You asked a very interesting question. Companies are working on standards in CAD/PLM space for the last 20-30 years. So far, I cannot see visible results, except of few like IGES and partially STEP. My conclusion – to develop standards is very costly. Microsoft and Googles (as well as IBM, Oracle etc.) are working on platforms. Platform can pay off in case of mass adoption. The latest example is SharePoint. Mass adoption of SharePoint got results and many customers are interested how to move to this solution/platform. With regards to your last point – if you will spend a big bulks of $$$, you will be able to implement system that will return you all details about you laptop (picture). The question if you can afford such solution or not… Great discussion and welcome to plmtwine! Best, Oleg