PLM Prompt: 3D Publishing, CAD and Online Google Graphic…

The idea of 3D publishing isn’t new. For the last few years we had chance to see multiple examples of how CAD and PLM companies focused on this space by creating and acquiring products that can publish complicated 3D models in the way humans outside of engineering will be able to adopt it. PTC Arbotext, 3DVIA Composer, Autodesk Inventor Publisher– these are only few examples of these products.

The following Google SketchUp blog drove my attention with information about how possible to use SketchUp 7 Layout to create Web ready images. Take a look on video.

I think CAD/PLM vendors need to watch this space. With connection to Google 3D Warehouse, it can be targeted towards some Adobe 3D PDF features or even higher end CAD/PLM  . I’m expecting to see some news in this space in coming 2010.

How do you like it? What do you think?

Happy New Year!
Best, Oleg


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  • Oleg,

    Interesting post. Yes, this type of capability — to present 3D models into more traditional 2D layouts — has been around for some time. Just take a look at eDrawings. It is going to be a long time before 2D ever goes away… but we’d be foolish to deny the ever-increasing interest, appetite, and need for the superior communication abilities delivered by 3D information. This is not simply 3D for the sake of exploring a design… but “intelligent” 3D that has interactivity, links, information — intelligence. Whether it be immersed in a product, or in an environment, 3D is the way of the future.

    In 1/2 a generation this is the way that everyone will be working, just like 3D design is the predominant way of working today (it was only 15 years ago when the design systems of today were just being rolled out). And it won’t be document based, like a PDF. It will be live, real time, and delivered over the web — just like everything else in our lives.

    Nobody is doing more in this area than 3DVIA. (OK, that’s a plug, but I’m passionate enough to write this post at 1:16 AM on New Year’s Day, so I figure I get one for that!) 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  • Garth, Thanks for your comment and Happy New Year! Passion makes products better… I haven’t had the intention to compare different products in this space. I’m considering my post as a “thinking alert”. I found 3D/CAD/PLM vendors sometime arrogant about their special knowledge in particular domain. Even if I agree, it is true in some cases, to take it as an axiom forever, will be a huge mistake… Best, Oleg