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Dear friends! I wanted to share some personal news with you. I decided to make a next change in my professional career in 2015. As you might noticed on my LinkedIn page, I will focus on PLM consulting, writing and social media.

PLM consulting 

Technology is changing fast these days. Cloud, social and mobile technologies are changing engineering and manufacturing software landscape. I’ve been writing and thinking a lot about cloud technologies and what it can bring to product lifecycle management. All PLM companies today are providing some sort of cloud solutions. It was a very interesting industry shift that happened over the past 2-3 years. At the same time, manufacturing is changing too. We can see new  types of manufacturing companies and products in the market. I feel the need to spend more time working with customers on how today’s PLM technologies can solve practical engineering and manufacturing problems for companies of any size. The real value of PLM solution can only come in the intersection of what technology and people can do together. It made me think about coming to PLM consulting to discover future potential of product lifecycle management.

PLM blog and PLM book 

Last week, I counted 1’815 blog posts on Beyond PLM blog since I started it six years ago. I know, some of you are following my blog on a regular basis. However, I’ve got many comments from people using my blog as some sort of knowledge source about PLM. It made me think about the need to provide a better access to the information on the blog. Honestly, for myself, I’m using Google to search my own blog articles. It works, but it is still not the best solution for  you. I’ve been puzzled with the idea to recompile blog content into a online book about PLM. I’m still not sure about how to do that, but I took it as my new year resolution for 2015. Stay tuned – more news will come about later.

Social media

Social media became part of our life. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc. I’m trying to be active online and I’m pretty sure some of you are getting into my blog articles via updates in social media. Nothing wrong with that, but I want to take one step forward and make Beyond PLM social  media more interactive. I still don’t know what does it mean. I’ve been looking on twitterstorms as a way to share information on twitter. Tweeting during PLM conferences and events will be another way to share more information. I will make my first experiments during PI congress in Dusseldorf. Another form of social media communication – twitter Q&A about PLM. I’m considering to experiment with that later this year. Tell me what do think about it.

For conclusion… I’m very excited about upcoming changes.  If you are interesting in PLM consulting, you can find more information on Beyond PLM website. Beyond PLM will keep providing you daily portion of vendor-independent PLM ideas, thoughts and comments about CAD, PDM, PLM, products and technologies. However, I will be looking how to make it even more interactive than before. These are just my thoughts. But, I’m planning to turn it into actions. Tell me what do you think. I look forward to your comments.

Best, Oleg

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Happy Holidays from Beyond PLM!

by Oleg on December 28, 2014 · 0 comments

Dear Friends!

For the last 6 years Beyond PLM became part of my life. As my readers, you are the main reason why it happened. You’ve read, commented, shared, discussed, debated and helped me to write more and share. You have made a huge impact on the way I think and understand engineering and manufacturing. I wanted to say BIG THANK YOU for that! New Year will bring new thinking, new projects and I look forward to share it with you very soon.

I wish you and your families a wonderful Holidays season and a very successful 2015 with lot of new opportunities.

Oleg @BeyondPLM





The information about Aras PLM OEM deal with Infor caught my attention yesterday evening. It looks like a big deal for Aras Corp. Aras PLM is well known by their innovative Enterprise Open Source model. If you are not familiar with Aras, check their website and blog. For the last few years Aras demonstrated solid capabilities to deliver full scale PLM solution. You probably remember my old blog – Aras lines up against Windchill, ENOVIA and TeamCenter 3 years ago. I think Infor-Aras partnership is a step in the same direction. More information about Infor-Aras partnership is here. Product offering will be re-branded as Infor PLM Innovator. The following passage explains how does it fit Infor PLM strategy:

Infor PLM Innovator – powered by aras – provides a full-featured, highly scalable, flexible and secure PLM solution built on industry best practices that easily adapts to your company’s changing business practices. Seamlessly integrated with Infor ERP, Infor PLM Innovator goes beyond the capabilities of standalone PLM products, to unite your entire product lifecycle for a single view of the truth, which provides actionable information from design and manufacturing to purchasing, quality, the supply chain and beyond.

What is specially interesting, Infor is going to offer Aras PLM as a cloud-service. Consilia Vector research put an interesting perspective on an opportunity related to Aras-Infor deal.

Word of mouth and an open source sales program has taken Aras quite far; this deal with Infor will be like moving from cars to airplanes. It also gives Infor what it craves, a customer checklist that more completely matches item for item with Oracle and SAP. Oracle bought Agile PLM several years ago, and SAP has assembled a PLM system from a variety of small purchases and in-house projects.

I found comments about SAP and Oracle quite remarkable. It looks like all three top ERP vendors recognized the value and importance of Product Lifecycle Management. I guess, manufacturing and enterprise companies are challenged how to support innovation with constraints of global product development and manufacturing. Therefore, adding PLM functionality to their product suites is an important imperative for all of them.

The notion of cloud in Aras-Infor deal is interesting. It is going to challenge cloud ERP providers too. If you noticed, leading cloud ERP provider Netsuite made a strategic partnership alliance with Autodesk about integration between Netsuite ERP and Autodesk PLM 360.

So, what about top three CAD-PLM providers – Dassault, Siemens and PTC? I think, strategic focus on these vendors is outside of ERP-PLM bundles. Dassault is focusing on 3DExperience. PTC is developing strategy for IoT. Siemens is broadening their TeamCenter PLM platform and applications.  All these vendors have some sort of partnership agreements with ERP vendors as well as love-hate relationships of selling PLM solutions to same manufacturing companies.

What is my conclusion? All ERP vendors are well armed with PLM weapon to provide a comprehensive product development and manufacturing solutions. It confirms growing adoption and interest of manufacturing companies of all sizes in PLM. It is time to grab some popcorn and get ready for PLM-ERP competitive performance. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg



Will GE give a birth to a new PLM company?

July 9, 2014

Navigate back into histories of CAD and PLM companies. You can find significant involvement of large aerospace, automotive and industrial companies. Here are few examples – Dassault Systemes with Dassault Aviation, SDRC with US Steel, UGS with McDonnell Douglas. In addition to that, involvement of large corporation as strategic customers, made significant impact on development of many […]

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Breaking news: ENOVIA announced Beyond PLM partnership

April 1, 2014

04/01/2014. Newton, MA via @afjplmnews. ENOVIA – the collaborative innovation application brand of Dassault Systemès enables your innovators to benefit from the true rewards of collaboration. Powered by 3DEXPERIENCE, ENOVIA goes Beyond PLM by providing leading enterprise collaborative applications for all industries, to promote innovation and operational excellence. The set of collaborative solutions includes Aerospace and […]

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PLM and 25 years of Internet

March 13, 2014

It has been 25 years of Internet anniversary yesterday. Lots of article covering this event were flown around earlier this week. The Independent article – 25 years of the World Wide Web: Tim Berners-Lee explains how it all began covers the story together with world wide web inventor Tim Berners-Lee. Even we all know about how […]

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Who will create Google Sheets BOM (Bill Of Materials) Add-On?

March 11, 2014

For the last few years, I’ve been chatting about the opportunity to use Google infrastructure and tools to innovate in PLM, engineering and manufacturing.  Google enterprise apps influence on PDM/PLM market is still minor these days. However, I believe, Google cloud infrastructure and tools are consistently inspire established vendors and new companies to develop better […]

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Why WhatsApp is Red Flag for PLM Collaboration

February 24, 2014

I think Facebook buying WhatsApp for $19B was a refreshing experience for everybody. For the last week, I’ve got tsunami of blog posts, tweets and other messages talking about Facebook, WhatsApp, founders, VCs and investments, influence of Soviet Union past on WhatsApp collaboration ideas and many others. Funny enough, I even found my own post […]

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5 Years Blogging…

February 3, 2014

Dear Friends, This month marks the beginning of my 6 year of blogging about PLM and engineering software. Even my early posts marked by Dec/2008, I consider beginning of 2009 as a formal start of my daily blogging commitment. Over the past 5 years, I’ve been blogged over 1,400 blog posts, exchanged over 6000 comments and […]

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PLM Professor Direct?

January 28, 2014

Engineering and Manufacturing software requires some learning. I hope even biggest promoters of to make “single button PLM application” would agree with me that you need to have industry background, understand product development practices and get familiar with application and tools. So, basic and specialized education is required. The trend is clearly goes towards making […]

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