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How to Dogfooding PLM in your Family Inc.

by Oleg on February 10, 2013 · 0 comments

Dogfooding or “eating your dog food” is a fascinating topic. It came to us from computer software company. This slang word means use what you do in your own company. I know many people that passionate about PLM and trying to use it in many situation that going much beyond traditional concepts of design, engineering and manufacturing. These days you can consider “anything” as a product with a lifecycle. PLM vendors are expanding their horizons to fashion, finance industry and many other products.

However, here is an unusual option. Your Family Inc. :) . Wait… don’t beat me hard and don’t tell me I got too much internet reading over the past two days of Nemo 2013 grounded my flight in Munich. I’ve been reading WSJ article – Run your family like a business. If you have few minutes of time you can take a look and read. I found it fascinating and interesting at the same time. Coming from manufacturing and software, I first stopped at this passage:

They turned to a cutting-edge program called agile development that has rapidly spread from manufacturers in Japan to startups in Silicon Valley. It’s a system of group dynamics in which workers are organized into small teams, hold daily progress sessions and weekly reviews. As David explained, “Having weekly family meetings increased communication, improved productivity, lowered stress and made everyone much happier to be part of the family team.” When my wife and I adopted the agile blueprint in our own home, weekly family meetings with our then-5-year-old twin daughters quickly became the centerpiece around which we organized our family. The meetings transformed our relationships with our kids—and each other. And they took up less than 20 minutes a week.

Funny enough, the 3 point conclusion about dealing with children can become a centerpiece of any PLM software implementation. Here are these points:

1- Show them the money
2- Take off the training wheels
3- Put them at work

What is my conclusion? Initially, I found bizarre to think about business processes and team management when it comes to your family. However, thinking through it, I can see lots of rational behind this. Now, I need to think about how to get a buy-in from Family Inc. CEO (:)) and decide about agile PLM implementation of “one process in a time” using cloud PLM software. Just my thought… and I hope you got some fun with my unusual Sunday post.

Best, Oleg



I’m in Detroit today to attend Aras PLM user conference – ACE 2012. I’ve heard in the halls before conference that the theme of the conference – “Aras is different”. Few months before, Aras blogged about the same topic here. You can learn about the conference agenda by navigating to the following link. I wanted to give my top three points why I think Aras is different than the majority of PLM vendors on the market.

#1 Aras Innovator upfront cost is FREE

Yes, it is true. Aras Innovator can be downloaded from Aras Website and you can use it absolutely for free. So did I. Not all modules of Aras PLM are free. Some of them, coming from community need to be purchased (eg. CAD integrations and some others).

#2 Aras is CAD agnostic

Aras is not affiliated with any CAD and CAD vendor. After majority of PDM/PLM vendors were acquired during the decade of 2000s, Aras remains one of not many vendors featuring full PLM portfolio.

#3 Aras is Enterprise Open Source

Nobody else is doing so. Actually, I believe Aras invented this term – Enterprise Open Source. However, it is not a traditional OSS you may think about. Aras combine free license with significant investment in building of Aras community of developers. Under a specific license, Aras can provide you full source code of Aras Innovator.

What is my conclusion? I’m looking forward to learn more about Aras today and tomorrow. Last year, Aras did very bold claims about how Aras Innovator can replace Enovia, TeamCenter and Windchill. The jury is still out. So, I’m going downstairs just in few minutes to listen to Peter Schroer keynote and learn more.

Best, Oleg



PLM and My Reading List

by Oleg on November 26, 2011 · 1 comment

It is a long weekend in US. Even if my day-to-day business activities are not completely US oriented, I can feel some relaxing moments since yesterday. I was sorting out my bookshelf today. Since 3 months ago, I made myself switching completely to digital reading. Nevertheless, I found quite many books that were on my reading list for the last 6 months.

Here is my list:

Steve Krug: Don’t make me think

Chris Andreson: FREE

Peter Aiken: Data Reverse Engineering

Brian Solis: ENGAGE

Dave Garwod: Bill of Materials for a Lean Enterprise

Marc Benioff: Behind the cloud

Frank Watts: Engineering Documentation Control Book

Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah: Inbound Marketing

Michael Ogrinz: Mashup Patterns

Walter Isaacson: Steve Jobs

What is my conclusion? Read more, despite the absence of time :) . I’d love to have your recommendation on future reading in product lifecycle management and beyond…

Best, Oleg


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Electric Design and PLM Roadmap

June 29, 2011

In the early beginning, solutions for manufacturing were focusing primarily on machinery and mechanical design. The historical reason here is simple – mechanical design was a key element of manufacturing for many years. However, the era of ‘mechanical design only’ ends. We can hear more and more about various aspects of combined solutions – Siemens […]

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COFES 2011 Rountable Discussions

April 13, 2011

I’m out for COFES this week. It will start tomorrow. My blog and COFES have some common roots. COFES is an annual think tank event that brings executives design, engineering, manufacturing, architecture and construction industry to think and discuss the role of engineering technology in the future of their business. My blog started as a […]

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PLM Definition – Corporate vs. Consumer Style?

March 22, 2011

It is seems to me PLM definition is a trending topic these days . Few hours ago, I posted my “PLM Definition – Next Round?” which is referencing the refreshing PLM definition coming  from PTC. What I found is that Dassault Systems have been decided to refresh their PLM definition as well, by publishing the […]

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PTC, SolidWorks and Windchill PLM Success.

February 28, 2011

I read Martyn Day article The Jim Heppelmann Interview. Mr. Heppelmann shared his thoughts about different aspects related to PTC, CAD, PLM and competitors. Read this interview and make your opinion. Here my favorite passage from this interview related to comparison between Windchill and SolidWorks: “Windchill is doing exceptionally well and just to put it […]

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PLM Wave In a Box?

November 28, 2010

Google Wave Dead. Long live Wave In a Box (WIAB). Navigate your browser to the following link and you will learn that despite terrible things that happened to Google Wave and the Google’s team in charge of this product, it is still alive and even have some interesting turns ahead. Google Wave and Apache Incubator […]

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How To Define PLM?

July 14, 2010

What is the proper definition of PLM? This is a simple and complex question at the same time… Recently, I had a chance to see few interesting definitions of PLM. One is very long and comprehensive came from Siemens PLM website and contains lots of examples and even point on PLM’s future. Product Lifecycle Management […]

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12 Steps PDM Upgrade

May 31, 2010

I bumped into Razorleaf’s blog – 12 Steps EPDM Upgrade Checklist. I find it as a very organizing and quality materials that can help people to handle PDM installation. Actually, I believe, this is also good for any other PDM systems (not only EPDM from SolidWorks). It made me think about the present and future […]

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