PLM Prompt: PLM Collaboration Waves?

PLM Prompt: PLM Collaboration Waves?

Analyzing waves comes out of Google Wave presentation. I can see multiple responses and perspectives on potentail use of Google Wave for enterprise. Do you think Wave is future of PLM collaboration? 

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  • Prajeesh Nair


    I have seen the google Wave and I am sure this will change future of PLM and its related areas

    I am PLM solution consultant and I can think about some of the areas where the wave will give it’s shot.

    1. requirement gathering
    2. Design Collaboration

    3. Problem Reporting ( In wave u have seen how we can use bugzilla)

    and so on…

  • Hello Prajeesh and thanks for your comment! I think you pointed on right aspects /areas of operation that can be improved with GW. How do you see customer will accept this new cloud concept? Do you see them merging GW like implementations with existing licensed software they have? Regards, Oleg.

  • François


    Google wave should change everything in PLM! And the first one should be revision management and history management. If it’s adopted by PLM vendors…

  • Hello François. I agree, GW could potential change a lot in collaboration. Why do you think revision and history management is something that first will be impacted? Regards,Oleg.

  • I think Google Wave will change PLM in the way Sharepoint is doing it now. With the seamless Office-Sharepoint integration, people want to work there and not in the PLM sys. WebOffice (google docs, etc) will take over MS Office. Google Wave will take over Sharepoint.

  • Samuel, I assume you had chance to read my post comparing SharePoint and GWave. There is some sort of intersection. The biggest advantages of SharePoint (and I don’t see the same in GW for the moment) is ability to work with list of tabular data. -Thanks for your comment! Oleg/