PLM Prompt: Kindle DX for PLM downstream applications?

Prompt note on Amazon Kindle DX announcement. Look Kindle DX review. It includes embedded wireless support and new native PDF support. Just my 10 cents… Think how many PDF business documents and drawing you can make available in your organization? Possible target is manufacturing, shop-floor, consumers? What do you think?


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  • They soooo need to make it color. if it’s able to use the 3D PDF as well? pure gold.

  • Josh, not color yet… the question if they will go after this market.

  • I think this begs a question, “are there really any PLM users that are pure consumers of information?” I am not sure that this mythical beast exists. I believe that anyone needing access to root product data (by root product data, I mean things that have not been specifically prepared for public consumption like owner’s manuals) has a certain level of involvement in the product and its ongoing development. For example, a shop floor assembly person only needs a screen at her workcell, in theory. In reality, she needs a way to interrogate root information (because it has not always been explicitly prepared for her need), and to provide feedback (suggesting a product change, requesting a better assembly tool, etc.) I am not sure that “readers” like this will ever suit that need. I think advanced mobile phones and more rugged tablet laptops will make better PLM clients.

  • Jonathan, thanks! You just re-confirm one of my thoughts that I need to wait for next version of netbook tablet (i.e. rumors about Apple touch screen, 7″ device) to make such things happen. We’ll wait…:)
    Regards, Oleg

  • It’s really affordable, I love it!