How We can Tag 3D CAD?

tagIn one of my previous post I discussed Tagging techniques and technologies. Historically PLM was very taxonomy and built on hierarchies nature. However, I think, in today’s world, we need to change approach, we are working with data. Tagging and Folksonomies comes to the play. So, an idea I want to discuss is potential possibility to tag 3D information similar, to how we can tag social bookmarks and photos on sites similar to Flickr. There are few examples of similar implementations I’ve seen.

SolidWorks Labs Tagger is application available for SolidWorks and allows you to put Tags on SolidWorks entities. Great idea. What is missed in SolidWorks tagger is to get initial set of tags from outside or produce tags from existing systems.

solidworks labs tagger

Another example of Tags I’ve seen in multiple GIS and architectural and topographical applications. GIS field has high adoption rate of tagging technologies, since GIS by nature requires a lot of tagging entities on the map. This is, probably, place where Tags were invented first time.


I think, with movement of CAD and PLM applications to the web and cloud, adoption rate for tagging will grow up. In Web environment, people feel much more comfortable to <Tag> everything. My ultimate tagging solution will include the following 3 components:

1. Ability to general set of possible Tags for specific assembly/model/etc. User don’t need to spend much time to think about what Tags to use.

2. Use Tag natively inside of CAD/PLM environment to mark everything you need.

3. Query Tag-based interface that allows to bring market entities/sub-assembly/assembly/products/etc.

The following environment can be built-in user interface of existing systems. What do you think? I’d be interested to hear your feedback? Maybe  you had chance to see similar features in existing systems?

Best, Oleg


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