PLM Prompt: BI on Cloud. Should PLM follow?

Coming question from Business Intelligence space. There are already several companies dealing with cloud BI Pentaho, Good Data Corp. and some others. At the same time, as it appeared in Computerworld, Microsoft is postponing their plans for BI on a cloud until 2013. It initially announced as Windows Azure Services, now will be postponed until a next version of Office.

MS BI on cloud

Just end of week thoughts.. PLM is about a single version of truth. How do you think BI fits this space? Alternatively, how PLM fits BI space?

Best, Oleg


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  • yml

    The short answer is yes because the BI is the best way to monitor the ROI of the PLM implementation.

    This allows you to put in place a dashboard with the key indicators relevant to your PLM usage: Overview of the change management, number of modifications, …


  • Yann, Practically, in most of the cases I seen, BI solution is disconnected and not operate together with PLM initiatives. From technological standpoint, all BI technologies distant from PLM… I think BI is not coming to PLM field yet.. Oleg