PLM Prompt: 3D on the cloud thoughts

Short Prompt- what will take 3D on the cloud? I was reading interesting paper Pictures in the Cloud by Kenneth Wong.


My conclusion is as following:

1. Traditional CAD will be transformed when move on the cloud.

2. Multiple 3D /CAD related services can be introduced in parallel with traditional CAD systems we have in use today.

3. 3D/CAD cloud services today can leverage unlimited computing capabilities cloud services can provide for different purposes (CAE, Visualization etc.)

So, what are your thoughts about it? Who will rule 3D /CAD services on a cloud? How proprietary CAD models and formats will be transformed as a consequence of this change? Do you think today’s CAD/PLM providers will keep leadership in this business?

Just my thoughts. Best, Oleg.


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  • The other day someone said to me that in his view the current state of CAD PLM providers (as it relates to the cloud and collaboration) is like `eating soup with a fork`. Proprietary file formats, high cost of entry and maintenance, and slowness to innovate will only open doors to opportunity for companies like ours as customers demand more for less.


  • Jeff, thanks for your comment. I think, current CAD/PLM providers as well as other enterprise vendors are in transition mode from on-premise business model to cloud/saas and the biggest challenge of this transition is dual business model of saas and on premise business. At the same time, some of the companies are dropping prices (i.e. Alibre for 99$). What do you think about collaboration offering of current PLM providers and cloud alternatives? Best regards, Oleg.