PLM Prompt: Open BPM tools.. Oh, Yes! It’s free! But where is PLM?

Picture 16New week start. Interesting prompt related to free and open source software. Take a look on a quite impressive list of open/free BPM suites (thanks Process Cafe for links).

Free BPM and Process Modeling Tools:

Now, my question is why we don’t see more PLM tools in Open Source, Free or Freemium models?

Have a good week! Best, Oleg


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  • yml

    my 2 cents is that by PLM you mean with a CAD integration, the answer is pretty simple because most license agreement prevent this to happen.

    However if by PLM you mean Product Lifecycle Management and that the Product does not require to be 3d modeled you start to see more and more company that decides to build their own CMS by assembling OSS components rather that using Product like : documentum, vignette, … The interesting thing is that the implementation end up being quicker, closer to original requirements and much cheaper. A nice bonus is that the customer have a better controlled of the solution and its evolution.



  • Yann, You are right, on 3D+PDM you almost cannot see it. Even if I see few initial open source initiatives with 3D, business belongs to few major providers and agreements/licenses quite limiting. Today, PDM almost becomes non-separated part of CAD and in many cases customers are trying to segment implementation into CAD/PDM mostly for design data management and introduce wider scope of collaboration on engineering, change management, processes using different tools. This space, in my view, characterized by very high level of diversification in technology, solution and implementations… best, Oleg.