PLM Strategy and Six Thinking Hats

six-thinking-hatsDo you know how companies are making decisions about their PLM related strategies? I don’t… Each time I see this process, I think a company is trying to invent the wheel. I think, the most closest methodologies related to such decisions are in the space of Configuration Management and Engineering Documentation.

I was reading about Six Thinking Hats methodology over the weekend and found it interesting to apply to way organization apply their thinking about PLM-related strategies.

White Hat:
Thinking about Design, Product models, Bill of Material, Structures, Information.

Red Hat:
This is the way to think about how we work now. In most of the cases, I think, we are taking very emotionally, analyzes of how we work now. In most cases, it is very hard to disconnect.

Black Hat:

This is the place where all thoughts about previous unsuccessful projects come to our mind.

Yellow Hat:
Here all PLM Marketing messages going to be presented. Benefits, Values, ROI, TCO etc.

Green Hat:
This is the place where we are going to innovate and brings new technologies, a suggestion to change, improve etc.

Blue Hat:
This is our process control hat. When we think how to organize processes, how to decide. I’d call it probably “management way to think”. Sometimes, this one can turn us to data reducing of Part Numbers, Optimizing ECO etc.

So, I’d be interesting to hear about ways you think when made your previous PLM-related decision? Do you see six hats association work for you? Share your thoughts, please…

Best, Oleg


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  • Loic Mouchard

    Hi Oleg,
    I already heard about the book and the method, but I haven’t read the book yet.
    Maybe could you have done a summary of the method, for enabling the discussion. I think a priori that it is actually a good thema, or approach.

    Here is a image I found after a simple search… I hope it can help to summarise the 6 hats association:

  • olegshilovitsky

    Loic, The main idea of this method is parallel thinking. At least this is how I’m getting it. You need to organize your parallel activities and this is can improve decision process and problem solving. If you have no time to go with book, you can go with wikipedia – Best, Oleg

  • ceciiil

    Hi Oleg,

    Very nice exercise. Heard about this book before and you succeed in convincing me to read it while adapting it to our PLM activity. Well done. cecil.

  • olegshilovitsky

    Celciiil, Thanks for your comment! We’ll keep blogging… Best, Oleg

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