Free CAD File Conversion In The Cloud?

The problem of file conversion is CAD is long and never been easy. Engineers are working in multiple CAD systems and conversion is a real problem. Quite many companies are in business of CAD conversion. The policy and practice of CAD vendors with regards to their ability to open/save competitor’s files are different. The person who is in the end needs to solve this problem is either engineer in a small company or CAD manager or IT in a bigger one. What if… we can find a solution for this problem by leveraging internet scale and cloud availability?

I found an interesting web site The idea behind is pretty simple — you have your file to convert, and you can use services. I found it quite useful for myself.

I tried to Google “CAD File Conversion service online” and wasn’t able to find any similar online service for CAD data. I know, many companies have different solutions and services that either provides you with conversion service or selling translation software. Is it a time to think how to convert it into an online service? I can think about several monetizing strategies of this service. It sounds simple and viable. What do you think about that? Do you know somebody who tried to accomplish it in the past?

Best, Oleg



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  • Oleg Shilovitsky

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  • al dean


    There’s a couple out there. – Delcam – think there might be a client, but it’s good. They were teh first to break PTC’s encryption of Pro/E file formats (rumour has it with ex-KGB hackers) and the move to parasolid is a good one. – Theorem’s offering.

  • Al, sure it was ex-KGB ;)… how did you know. I’m kidding. Thanks for links! I will take a look… Best, Oleg