PTC and Boston Weather Frustration

PTC and Boston Weather Frustration

Later this week I’m going to attend PTC Lightening Event in Boston. For the last few months, I followed how PTC was preparing for this event. I have to say – it was very impressive. The following video is my favorite.

PTC’s preparation for this event reminded me Moscow Olympic Games 1980. According to the 30-years-old rumors, special preparations were made to guarantee nice and sunny weather in Moscow. So, looking on a Boston forecast, there is a chance that Boston’s weather won’t match Project Lightning.

C’mon PTC…  It is only two more days to fix this frustration 🙂

Best, Oleg


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  • Randall Newton

    I packed a winter jacket, remembering my last two visits to Boston. It will be warmer in Boston than in my home town for the Project Lightning launch.

  • beyondplm

    Randall, Today the weather was gorgeous. However, what I learned during my 3 years in Boston, you normally have 2 seasons – August and Winter. Have a safe flight… Best, Oleg

  • Oleg, is PTC developing any software for our humble and all-backwards AEC sector :)? I couldn’t remember any.

  • beyondplm

    I don’t think PTC has AEC oriented products —