The New Efficiency of PLM

The new efficiency is where cost saving, productivity and innovation meet. I was reading “The New Efficiency” letter from Steve Balmer. Microsoft sees themselves changing toward a new economical situation. Also, take a look on Microsoft New Efficiency web site with some interesting examples.

The “new normal”, becomes something very important, and I tried to think about – what are the potential implications on Product Lifecycle Management? So, where I do see challenges for PLM in the context of “new normal”.

1. Technological Revolution. From the early beginning, CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM, PLM was very technologically oriented areas. I think, all we did in the past was founded by new technologies and new ideas. In the past, technological revolution came from big companies and founded by big research programs. I think, we are in front of new wave of technological revolution. However, this technological wave will be funded by wisdom of the crowd. This new technological revolution will come to PLM from consumer market and tools.

2. Lean implementation
processes. I think, the way we are implementing Product Lifecycle Management is very structural. With the significant focus on corporate processes, PLM becomes very top-down in the organization. Unfortunately, I think, this way in many cases becomes not very efficient for an organization and brings additional cost to PLM. I believe, we need to bring new ideas about how introduce PLM processes differently.

3. Support for innovation in product development. How we can make  innovation in product development? How we can sponsor product development innovation? In many cases PDM and PLM considered as something “about data, revisions, approvals”. In short – boring… I think this is a very important place to change. PLM needs to support innovation by technologies we provide.

So, how do you think our industry need to deal with new efficiency and challenges “new normal” put in front of us? Let me know what do you think? How “new normal” is impacting your PLM-related plans and operations? What do you see as the biggest challenges?

Best, Oleg


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