Azure Goes Live, Will be PLM Impacted?

Finally announced by Microsoft – Azure will go to live in January 2010. To make yourself more familiar with Azure, use this link. You can read interesting Q&A on ebiz. However, my main topic to discuss will be how this new cloud platform from Microsoft will impact today’s PLM on-demand status quo?

There are multiple reasons I see Azure have a potential to change PLM landscape.
1. Windows Friendly. Coming from the same Microsoft development shop, Azure will play nice for existing Windows production and development environment.
2. Enterprise Integration. Important topic for PLM. With all available Microsoft Enterprise Servers and solutions, Azure will be more friendly in this space too. Microsoft will take care about minimal set of applications unlocked and integrated for cloud.
3. Bridge to existing solutions. I’d expect an easier path to migrate from today’s Microsoft on premise apps to future Azure applications.

So, what do you think? Until now, vendors in CAD and PLM space haven’t had an opportunity really to compare various cloud options. Amazon ECS was almost only one experimental space where on-demand / SaaS innovation happened. For many years Microsoft had strong focus on developer’s communities. Together with significant impact on enterprise companies today, it can create a critical mass to push Microsoft’s cloud to enterprise customers. Obviously, Microsoft Azure will become Windows-based cloud alternative for organizations closer to friendly and known Windows platform – kind of bridge between today Windows-on-premise and tomorrow’s cloud-y future.

Some interesting photos related to cooling system for containers on PDC.

Just my thoughts.
Best, Oleg


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