PLM, 3D Virtual and Apple Patents

I’d like to put a short note this morning. It comes from my review of Patently Apple blog. The very interesting patent granted to Apple in the area of 3D virtual stores. The interesting is how Apple defines a presence in this virtual shop:

Apple’s patent FIG. 9 shown above, illustrates an embodiment of an interface to an online store. The example shown is an implementation of region 112 of FIG. 1 as rendered in a browser. Alice, a character represented as an example in the patent, “is visiting the Acme website at noon. Accordingly, a sun (904) is included in region 112. If Alice were to return later in the day, a moon or star icon might be shown instead of sun 904. Other indicators, such as different color schemes during the fall season or winter holidays can also be included.”

I think, such patent can be an alarm in front of CAD and PLM affiliated companies thinking about 3D virtual experience. The competition in 3D space can get to the point when the interests of design software manufacturers will clash with companies thinking about 3D user experience everywhere.

Just my thoughts… What do you think about that?
Best, Oleg



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