GSA and How to Reduce PLM Collaboration Cost?

GSA and How to Reduce PLM Collaboration Cost?

Navigate your browser to the following link. GSA is moving to Google Apps. According to the Google blog, US GSA becomes a first US federal organization is moving their 17’000 employees to start using Google Apps for email and document collaboration. Here is the quote:

By making this switch, GSA will benefit in a number of ways. Modern email and collaboration tools will help make employees more efficient and effective. Google Apps will bring GSA a continual stream of new and innovative features, helping the agency keep pace with advances in technology in the years ahead. And taxpayers will benefit too—by reducing the burden of in-house maintenance and eliminating the need to replace hardware to host its email systems, GSA expects to lower costs by 50 percent over the next five years.

Why I think it is important? The collaboration cost is high. Time burden during the work on emails and other non-efficient collaboration tools is enormous. Google is making a point about how possible people can save some money out of collaboration. The same blog posts states move to Google will lower cost by 50%. The amount of inefficient emails in manufacturing company is skyrocketing. Thinking about a potential combination of Google Spreadsheets, Emails with some engineering and manufacturing stuff can make sense.

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