Will ChromeOS be the Next Big Thing for PLM?

Will ChromeOS be the Next Big Thing for PLM?

I read GigaOM – The network computer arrives… finally! About three weeks ago, Google launched the Chrome application store and demonstrated Chrome OS, its browser centric netbook operational system. The Google’s philosophy behind Chrome OS is to build a browser that largely designed for applications rather than a browser for documents we have today.

Google posted a full video record of the event on the Youtube. You can get it by navigating your browser to the following link. If you have some free time during the winter break, watch the Google Chrome OS show. I made few notes when watching these videos:

– Chrome OS is about web and sharing
– Chrome OS is about low cost personal computing
– Chrome OS is about simple application access

If you short on time, watch the following video to have a basic idea about Chrome OS.

Enterprise Use Case for Chrome OS

At the time consumers might be checking options of Chrome OS vs. other alternatives like iOS and cool Apple devices, enterprises can find reasonable to adopt Chrome OS. Enterprise has a strong need for low-cost computers designed to do a certain task cheaply and without maintenance. Think about mainframe terminals in the past. So, back to the future. Chrome OS and HTML 5-based web apps that runs inside the browser are a perfect solution.

What is my conclusion? End user adoption is a significant problem for PLM software vendors. Complexity, Installation, Implementations – all these factors stops PLM proliferation in organizations. Cost is another aspect. It seems to me, Chrome OS has a potential to become a platform to deliver a value of PLM application to users in manufacturing organization.

Best, Oleg


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