PLM and Texting?

PLM and Texting?

Earlier today, I discovered an interesting company solution called Tigertext. At the time companies are talking about 2D vs. 3D iPad 2, business processes, complex visualization, Tigertext is focusing on the niche that probably can be considered as boring and well developed – SMS. Tigertext developed an interesting application that allows you to secure and track you messages. Also, it gives you a possibility to control the life span of messages as well navigate a message traffic to the next recipient in case of delivery failure. Watch the following video outlines Tigertext features and made your conclusion.

Cool features. Privacy. How it is related to PLM and Manufacturing? Not yet… However, look on TigerText Pro. According to the company website, TigerTextPRO is a cross-platform collaboration tool for your business that allows you to deploy your own private, secure network where your employees can safely exchange and communicate within your company. Read more in the TechCrunch publication TigerText Univels Enterprise Version of Private Texting Service. Here is my favorite passage from this publication:

With the enterprise version of the app, users download the app on their company smartphones (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows 7) and perform a one-time login to get authenticated. Administrators can then use a web-based tool to control archiving policies, create groups and perform simple user management. The PRO version provides companies, health care institutions and government agencies with administrative and policy-level controls reduce liability and risks of data leakage while enhancing employee communication and productivity.

What is my conclusion? I’m thinking about how to make simple things cool and more efficient. These days, people don’t need to be at the desk to do a job. Mobile is trending. However, simple solutions as secure texting can be an interesting and cost effective approach for companies looking how to streamline their manufacturing, support and product development processes. Just my thoughts…

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