Will Google Develop A Better PLM for Motorola?

Will Google Develop A Better PLM for Motorola?

Note. To be honest, I don’t have much to say with regards to the last Google purchase – Motorola. I’ve been listening, reading and thinking about various aspects of this purchase together with thousands other bloggers and hundreds of analysts and news websites.

Obviously, I’m using mobile and Google. However, my interest is primarily in software for engineering and manufacturing. Between all these articles, analyzes and publication one post by Business Insider caught my attention – THE TRUTH ABOUT THE GOOGLE – MOTOROLA DEAL: It could end up being a disaster. Read the article and make your opinion. Here is the quote I found the most interesting in the context of PLM:

“…Hardware manufacturing and sales are about supply chains, parts, factories, physical distribution, and consumer marketing–all things that Google has little or no experience with…”

This is something that smells interesting to me. There is no better way to try your software “in-house”. Google just added a unique place to experiment with all Google technologies inside of 19’000 people enterprise with design, production, manufacturing plants, supply chain, etc. This is can be a good trigger to develop a future PLM system for Motorola using Google’s platform. Is there PLM player who can do it?  Navigate to the following link. Motorola is actually using an open-source PLM – Aras Innovator. Earlier, this year, Aras made a bold statement about their move to multi-platform deployment away from existing .NET code base. Aras on Linux platform with some cloud-based features can be a good opportunity for Motorola. I believe other PLM vendors will not stand still as well. Recent Dassault announcement about Cloud V6 is just one of them.

What is my conclusion? It is hard to predict what route Google-Motorola will take. However, earlier or later Motorola is going to embrace the technologies developed by Google to optimize their business. Product Lifeycle Management question will come. It is just a matter of time. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg


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