PLM and The Future of Appification

PLM and The Future of Appification

Mobile is very important nowadays. More and more people these days discovering opportunities to use “mobile version of something“. It is interesting to see how the market of devices is affecting the development of products. To leverage the power of the device becomes absolutely important. I was reading TNW blog yesterday – Google Just Used Search Application to Sneak the major part of Chrome onto the iPad. I made a try and find it useful – take a look.

Last week, during AU 2011, I’ve seen how significantly Autodesk is investing in the business of mobile applications. One of the applications caught my special attention – Autodesk ForceEffect. Having my engineering background, I almost forgot about how tough it was to deal with force diagrams and calculations 25 years ago. So, I found the following video specially enjoyable – you can capture diagrams, use photo and cameras.

What is my conclusion? Introducing tools that can use new devices is a very powerful trend. CAD/PLM software companies won’t be able to avoid it. These two great examples are just scratching the surface of the level of importance mobile devices will have in today’s business. You can ask me how it related to Product Lifecycle Management. Two aspects: 1/ the power of the device; and 2/ granularity. CAD /PLM companies have the opportunity to delivery applications, they want to end users via cool mobile devices. Granularity is another important aspect. PLM is going to be fragmented into a large set of applications used by many people in the organization. One size doesn’t fit all – you cannot deliver a single application for PLM.  Just my thoughts…

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