PLM Scale and Some Internet Factoids

PLM Scale and Some Internet Factoids

The scalability of enterprise systems is an interesting topic. Enterprise IT usually keeps the story about scalability of systems close to their chest. It involves data centers, databases, channels, networks, latency, and many other aspects that allows you to tune your enterprise PLM. And I know, it was absolutely true for existing enterprise PDM and PLM.

The situation is different nowadays. Last 10 years of web development and internet established a new level of scale. The amount of data and user activities web and social networks can handle is going much beyond typical enterprise deployments. The following AronoldIT factoid article captured my attention earlier this week. I don’t know if these numbers are accurate. But knowing that Gangnam style fist video just hit 1B Youtube views, I can easy believe that.

Every minute more than 1,649,305 tweets get shared.
Every minute more than 3,472,225 photos get added to Facebook.
Every minute more than 2,060 brand new blogs are  created.
Every minute more than 52,488 minutes of video are added to YouTube.
Every minute more than 31,510 new articles are created by an online newspaper.
Every minute more than 3,645,833,340 new spam emails are delivered online.

What is my conclusion? The consumer web and social media introduced a completely different perspective of scale, capacity and system performance. Enterprise PLM vendors and IT service companies need to start paying attention. The technological gap consumer systems are developing these days can easy outperform existing enterprise PDM and PLM deployments. Important. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg

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