Cloud PLM and Google Loon Sunday Dreams

Cloud PLM and Google Loon Sunday Dreams

Sunday is a good day to dream and think about something completely crazy and impossible. More than four years ago I started to explore the potential of cloud PLM on my blog. If you are long time readers you can probably remember my Where is PLM on industry cloud map? or PLMosaur, Traditional PLM and SaaS Newbies. Cloud PLM is a real thing these days. PLM vendors are approaching cloud PLM is a different ways. Nevertheless, cloud PLM is here and real manufacturing companies are using cloud PLM every day.

However, here is the thing – you can solve technical issues related to configuration of cloud-based software, you can improve security and certification. However, even if it sounds strange, the connection to internet is something that really hard to get in some places in our planet today.

I’ve been reading about Google Project Loon during the weekend. Navigate to Google’s blog to read more. Google has an ambitious plans to bring internet to places in the planet that today are disconnected. It also means that cost of internet connection will be going down. Take a look on the video explaining Google tech in details.

What is my conclusion? Yes, Google Loon is still a dream. However, think about some tech that we keep in our hands these days. Even 5-10 year ago we didn’t think it would be impossible to run video calls from mobile phone and use cloud based software on tablets to solve engineering simulation tasks. Maybe in 5 years, Google Loon will solve internet connectivity problem and open an additional opportunities for engineering and manufacturing? Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg


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