Holidays, PLM Education and Free Math Books

Holidays, PLM Education and Free Math Books


Holidays is a time for gifts. I remember a sentence that stuck in my memory from my childhood – book is the best gift. I didn’t find documented confirmation, but I think this statement goes back to Gutenberg era. Back that time, books were very expensive and it was a very valuable gift.

Well, nowadays it is different. Free is the best price in many domains and industries these days. Many vendors consider education as a priority and providing free or discounted versions of software to universities and students. Online education is about to change everything. Web sources like Khan Academy and others are getting more and more traction.

In a spirit of holidays and… PLM, I was looking for PLM books. Google search for “free PLM books” returned bunch of Amazon links with books priced in the range of 30$-90$. I’m not sure students will be able to afford it these days. So, PLM education is still very expensive.

However, I’ve been lucky in something else. I found an amazing source for free mathematician books. Free Mathematics Books – 500 links to free math books to read and download. I wish I will have a time to read at least few of them coming days. Here is my favorite for PLM people – Handbook of Mathematics for Engineers. So, if you are in the math mood these days, have a read and enjoy.

What is my conclusion? First of all Happy Holidays! Education is absolutely important. Speaking about engineering, manufacturing and… PLM, to have an access to a good educational source, it is probably the most critical element of technological adoption. So, I wish all of us – vendors, developers, consultants, advisers and engineers think about how to make knowledge about our domain available and affordable to everybody. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg


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