The route beyond PLM – m3 Manufacturing 4.0 meetup

The route beyond PLM – m3 Manufacturing 4.0 meetup


I’ve been attending m3 Manufacturing meetup in Berlin earlier this week. It was a very interesting gathering of makers, hardware geeks and manufacturers. Absolutely crazy agenda organized by Lutz Villalba, founder of More information about the event is here. Photos from the event is here. I wanted to share my presentation – The route beyond PLM and some of my thoughts.

Some of my thoughts after the event…

The impact of new generation on manufacturing is much bigger than you can think. I’m speaking about generation of people that grew up with internet in mind and generation of people that using web as a platform for everything in their life. Those people are using cloud applications and mobile devices naturally. They are sending less emails and using Whatsapp chat. They are using online tools like Google Docs and don’t know how to save Microsoft Word files. They don’t understand word “processes”, but know exactly how to manufacture new cool products.

What is my conclusion? New generation of people is getting access to modern manufacturing environments and tools. It is very interesting moment.  Watch it carefully- many amazing things will go out of there.  Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg


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