PLM and Big Data Trends

PLM and Big Data Trends


I have an unusual post for this weekend. It is related to big data stories on my blog.

Big Data trend is getting stronger. Together with IoT it represents set of some very innovative initiatives in PLM. For the last few weeks I had a chance to blog few times about Big Data. You can catch up on these article here – 3 reasons why Big Data is a big challenge for PLM; Future PLM AI machines: a dream for top VC firm? and Siemens PLM: Cloud Services and Big Data.

In addition to that, I was recently interviewed by Bigstep as part of their Expert Interview program. You can read some of my thoughts about intersection of Big Data and PLM.

Blogging about big data made me think that all these stories are quite unique and it can provide an interest to other readers and manufacturing companies. I wonder if you can share with me some of your “big data” stories. I’d love to share them and discuss on my blog.

Have a good weekend!

Best, Oleg




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