openBoM – cloud based tool for manufacturing companies & hardware startups

openBoM – cloud based tool for manufacturing companies & hardware startups


I’m excited to share news about openBoM. Thinking about modern manufacturing challenges brought me together with my partner, Vic Sanchez, to form a new company – Newman Cloud Inc. to build a technology and products that can help manufacturing companies to conduct business.

Hardware is growing these days. There are many new companies developing innovative products  It was enabled by new manufacturing technologies for prototyping, affordable electronic, global communication and new types of finance available for startups.

You might recall the following video. It can give you an idea of problems new manufacturing companies are facing these days:


Today, we announced a first release of openBoM – cloud-based BoM management tool for manufacturing companies & hardware startups.

Bills of Materials are the lifeblood of many engineering projects. For engineers, BoMs are either a tabular form in a drawing or a “miracle” inside PLM or ERP systems. BoMs usually end up as spreadsheets, however. We are taking BoM management to the cloud. Doing so enables the interlinking of BoMs making them shareable and reference-able in ways that transcends technical drawings. That will mean sharing purely tabular data with colleagues in procurement or linking BoM data to ERP or MRP systems.

openBoM is using modern cloud tools and technologies to track Bill of Materials across networks of engineers, supply chain managers, and contract manufacturers.


There is no traditional conclusion today. openBoM is just started and I’m exited about what we do. Modern technologies can simplify many processes and I look forward to develop openBoM to help engineers and manufacturing companies to solve BoM management problems.

At the same time, I want reassure my readers that Beyond PLM is not changing and remains vendor neutral. I will continue blogging and you can rely on Beyond PLM for my last thoughts about engineering and manufacturing software. For the last 8 years, my blog survived many changes, three companies and consulting business. My commitment during all these years was to provide vendor neutral daily portion of news, information and comments about PLM, engineering and manufacturing software.

My best regards, Oleg

Disclaimer– I’m co-founder and CEO of Newman Cloud Inc. openBoM is wholly owned product and brand of Newman Cloud Inc. 

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