In-Person PLM Events Are Coming Back – Where to go?

In-Person PLM Events Are Coming Back – Where to go?

PLM Events are coming back! After more than two years of virtual events, the industry seems to be coming back to real (or as some people call it physical) events. While we’ve been super excited about new virtual opportunities, after some time, online events proved to be more of a way to distribute information rather than to connect people. At first glance, I was excited that I could attend so many events without leaving my chair at my home office, but I found that virtual events are missing an important element of human interaction that is so important. Check some of the events that might be worth your attention.

2022 CIMdata Industry and Market Forum

Last month, I attended my first non-virtual event- CIMdata Industry and Market Forum at Ann Arbor. Check my article CIMdata’s first in-person event is taking off as well as some initial numbers published by CIMdata during the forum – 2021 PLM Market, Digital Web, etc. Some preliminary numbers were published – PLM business growth was double-digits (10.7%) and the market size came to a record $59B. I know, the numbers will be finalized before the final publication will be done by CIMdata, but initial numbers can give you some ideas about where the PLM business goes.

PI DX 2022

Later this month, I’m planning to attend PI DX USA 2022 (, which will take place in Atlanta, GA. Organized by MarketKey, the event is counting the second decade of its existence. Initially presented as PLM Innovation, it was an event for PLM professionals. I remember the first event that took place in London in 2011. The agenda of the PI DX forum is here and you can see a list of speakers. As usual, PI DX event gives you a platform for customer presentations and those sessions are on my top list – GE Aviation, AGCO, Moog, Gulfstream, ThermoFisher, Tenneco, Bayer, and others. There are also vendor presentations and analysts sessions.

In my own session – Data Management Strategy: How Do You Establish a Common Strategy Across Disparate Systems to Form One Single Source of Truth? I will be sharing my experience from both a customer and vendor standpoint. I’ve been fortunate to work with thousands of engineers and companies about the new data economy in the future of manufacturing. I will share my thoughts and experience about the future of the data-driven PLM economy and how manufacturing companies will be able to take advantage of the new “data world”. Here is a quick summary of my session.

The rise of data and the new economy has led to a paradigm shift that is redefining our world. In today’s digital age, information reigns supreme as currency for businesses looking towards an accelerated productivity level with advanced technologies in place; this will allow you to be more competitive by boosting efficiency across all departments at once!

The most common data challenges faced by businesses are talked about in detail during this session. You will learn how to overcome them and get practical tips that can help your company succeed. You will gain new insights into the following topics:

  • Avoiding breakdowns in information flows throughout the organization
  • Optimization processes and connecting data silos  
  • Making the technology work for your data flow
  • Giving people the right tools to communicate and collaborate
  • Designing effective education of your users to support data sharing across the business

Autodesk Accelerate 2022

Another event that I liked to attend in the past is coming back – Autodesk Accelerate. On May 16-18 in New Orleans, it is an exclusive 2-day online event for manufacturing leaders with featured keynotes, panel discussions, industry networking, and analyst presentations by business experts. It is an Autodesk event, so be ready to get a portion of Autodesk marketing. At the same time, it brings a good list of speakers.  I like the list of customers that will be presenting at the event. Not sure if Autodesk will provide a recording of the sessions.

PLM Roadmap and PDT NA 2022

Another in-person PLM event by CIMdata, PLM Roadmap. Veterans of the CAD and PLM industry might remember the former CPDA events, which is acquired and transformed by CIMdata.  A very unique opportunity of PLM Roadmap 2022 is to see in person three PLM company’s CEO – Aras (Roque Martin), PTC (Jim Hepplemann), and Siemens (Tonny Hemmelgarn). Here is the passage from the CIMdata newsletter. The session will be moderated by CIMdata President and CEO, Peter Bilello.

For the first time in many years, we will bring together in a live forum, CEOs from three of the major PLM solution providers in an open discussion “View From the Top: The Future of PLM in the Age of Digitalization.” The discussion will be moderated by CIMdata’s President and CEO, Peter Bilello. This session will provide an insightful discussion between those in the know and in control of where digital enablement is heading. As PLM professionals, we are uniquely aware of the nature and impact of rapid change in the digital landscape. We know that, when applied to its potential, PLM can drive Digital Transformation to a greater extent than most other digitalization initiatives. We also know that PLM can address sustainability at a product or system level, contributing in a major way to a sustainable future.

Digital Factory 2022

Not really a PLM event, but worth your attention – Digital Factory 2022 coming back to in-person physical mode later in May 2022. If you’re in Boston The focus of the event is Reimagining Global Manufacturing. Here is the passage from the event page.

Global manufacturing continues to transform into an increasingly automated and digitized global network, and the last two years have further accelerated that transition. But there are still many questions that need to be answered to reimagine and improve these systems and help us find new ways to innovate, collaborate and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

The list of speakers includes Carl Bass, former CEO of Autodesk, investors, and executives of manufacturing and industrial companies. Check the full list here. The agenda promises, keynotes, panel sessions as well as lunch and networking at the pop-up factory.

What is my conclusion?

The industry is coming back to in-person communication and this is a great time to come back and meet industry people. If you’re still stuck behind the monitor with virtual web meeting sessions, it is an opportunity to come back to live interaction. If you’re attending one of these events, I’d love to meet you there. If I missed some of the events, please put comments on the blog or talk to me directly. The manufacturing industry is transforming and it was never been a better time to innovate and bring new technologies and products to life. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg

Disclaimer: I’m co-founder and CEO of OpenBOM developing a digital cloud-native PLM platform that manages product data and connects manufacturers, construction companies, and their supply chain networksMy opinion can be unintentionally biased.


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