TechSoft 3D Boston Summit 2023 – My Takeaways 

TechSoft 3D Boston Summit 2023 – My Takeaways 

Early this week, I attended TechSoft 3D Boston Summit. If you’re not familiar with TechSoft 3D, check them out. It is one of the most invisible technological companies in the CAD world providing infrastructure for 3D development, viewers and translations tools for many industrial companies and CAD vendors.

Agenda and Sessions

On the agenda of the summit was technological and product update from TechSoft 3D, product presentations, partners sessions and cloud technology discussion panel.

TechSoft 3D portfolio of products and technologies provide a rich set of tools that supports 3D digital innovation helping to transform design and engineering workflows.

The tools support a wide range of functions from import, visualize, model, simulation and export.

The presentation of the recently acquired cloud based Ceetron for visualization and simulation. Check the interactive demo.  Click on the image to see the demo.

Cloud Discussion Panel

The favorite part was an interactive cloud discussion panel. 

My main takeaways from the panel is that while cloud is everywhere these days, when it comes to the 3D tools, there is still a long way from libraries and toolkits to ubiquitous components services. This process is undergoing, but gaps in technologies, education and architectures are still visible. 

What is my conclusion?

There is a huge importance in vendor neutral libraries and services in the engineering and manufacturing world. These tools and services are like glue to connect different tools and workflows. The chances of a company to solve all problems using software from a single vendor are slim. Therefore, the world belongs to multiple systems. Tools and components capable of creating a connected workflow are important. Instead of sending Excel files with BOMs, and attached 3D files via emails, modern cloud tools will be able to use online services to streamline product development and help companies to develop products faster using agile new product development methods. Services like TechSoft 3D combined with native cloud data management platforms is the future set of tools for digital product development and innovation. Just my thoughts..

Best, Oleg

Disclaimer: I’m co-founder and CEO of OpenBOM developing a digital thread platform including PDM/PLM and ERP capabilities that manages product data and connects manufacturers, construction companies, and their supply chain networksMy opinion can be unintentionally biased.


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