PLM Prompt: Breaking down the language barrier in collaboration

PLM Prompt: Breaking down the language barrier in collaboration

I think language is one of the barriers for successful collaboration. Therefore, I’m really excited about a new feature in Gmail that will help to break down the language barrier – Automatic message translation between 41 languages. I think such feature can be really cool for global PLM deployment. Does it make sense for you? 

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  • Ronni Kives

    Nice idea, Oleg, but automatic translations will only help partially – they have their limitations and can lead to misunderstanding. Nothing beats a human translator, well-versed in his/her field. He/she needs to understand the subject matter; not just be an expert in linguistics.

  • Ronni, Thanks for your comment! I remember time when even simple translation beyond one word was next to impossible. Today is different and we can get fair translation for not complicated texts. Since, most of “collaboration” scenarios are far from Shakespeare:), I believe there is potential here. Most of the people today copy/past to Google translation everything they need in mails. So, to make it automatic can be great. Think about 3DLive chat that will be translated automatically depends on what language people speak… -Oleg.