3DLive, HD3D and demand for CAD/PDM immersivity

Few months ago, in this post, I had chance to discuss the future of immersive CAD and Data Management. Looking on the latest DE  article by Kenneth Wong, NX7 with HD3D: Where CAD Geometry and Lifecycle Data Mingle, I found it very interesting to couple it together with some of my previous thoughts. HD3D from Siemens PLM (announced month ago) and 3D Live environment from DS (introduced 2 years ago and embedded into DS V6 last year) clearly representing the answer on user’s demand related to immersive representation of data from both 3D environments like CAD system and data management system like PDM/PLM.

You can see on the next few slides and videos of 3D Live application from DS. The famous turn-table allows you to filter, search, browse and navigate on assemblies, parts and related information.

On the next few slides and video you can figure out look and feel of HD3D app from Siemens PLM. Use of visual tags helping user to snap and browse information related to 3D Models as well as filter and search data.

What I see as a set of common characteristics of this trend?

1. Use 3D as a basic user experience

2. Use Immersive 3D as an entry point to browse through product geometry and lifecycle data

3. Mashup metadata, lifecycle data and other related information

So, what is my conclusion today? Both, DS and Siemens PLM experience represents clearly customer demand to bridge 3D and non-3D information together. With some difference in marketing and product buzz around, I see an overall trend is to unified 3D and non-3D environment for advanced CAD/PLM users.

Best, Oleg


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