PLM Prompt: SolidWorks and CAD on Cloud – No Need for Open/CheckIn/Out…

Short note following Devon Sowel blog about SolidWorks on Cloud/SaaS plans. This is good continutation to thoughts and discussion started earlier on <CAD- the future of collaborative modeling>. SolidWorks already made first try of Drawing Now on Cloud.

SolidWorks Labs Drawing Now

SolidWorks Labs Drawing Now

So, CAD on Cloud SaaS will finaly release you from PDM’s File Open/Check-In/Check-Out hassle.

What do you think?


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  • Roberto Picco

    I’ve always believed that web would have been the natural and logical step after the intranet/WAN collaboration. There are a lot of things to be taken into account first: data security, disaster recovery policies, off-line work, speed, etc.
    The idea is great though…

  • Roberto, Agree with you! There is still many things to become more mature, but we are slowly coming… Welcome to plmtwine!. Best regards, Oleg.

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