Microsoft’s Cloud-y Future, SharePoint and PLM Collaboration

Microsoft’s Cloud-y Future, SharePoint and PLM Collaboration

Previously, I already touched SharePoint on the PLM SharePoint paradox. Thanks to all of you for commenting on this post. I’d like to continue the SharePoint topic in context of the MS Cloud future. After reading the interview with Steve Balmer in the NYTimes, I found this sketch by Mr. Balmer interesting. Balmer is pointing to SharePoint as a tool for enabling collaboration for MS Azure’s cloudy future.


Offering SharePoint for Collaboration purposes definitely can be an opportunity for PLM providers to work on PLM collaboration services and expand the across the organization and supply chain.  My usual “SharePoint concern” is about how packaging and implementation services related to SharePoint when it comes together with today’s PLM applications. In this case, it will be interesting to see how the MS Azure SharePoint future will become available, including a more precise set of packages, development tools and pricing. Sounds like a  “cloudy”, but promising future… 


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