PLM Prompt: The true cost of MS SharePoint

Short prompt on very good article The True Cost of MS SharePoint. Comprehensive analyses related to IT, business and MS SharePoint implementation.

I had chance to discuss SharePoint in multiple blog posts on plmtwine:

SharePoint PLM Paradox?

SharePoint Social Platform capability for SolidWorks

How PLM can re-use SharePoint Social Network Capabilities?

Microsoft’s Cloud-y Future, SharePoint and PLM Collaboration

Do you have any experience with your organization related to SharePoint and Product Lifecycle Management? It will be interesting if you can share your experience about this.


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  • Why SmarTeam closed? We liked this product, it was the best PLM in market.

    [Oleg] Existing SmarTeam will be maintained and developed by team in Israel. ENOVIA V6 Express moved to Paris and Boston. Globs link with details.

    Dear SmartOne, This blog have policy and rules. Some of your comments are going beyond what is possible to have on blog and was deleted by me. You are welcome to provide your mail or your blog site to discuss. Thank you for your comments! Best regards, Oleg.