PLM Prompt: Free Project Management for PLM?

Prompt – do you think we are going to have free Project Management tools? Is it next possible Google App? How Product Development and Lifecycle will be able to use it?

Take a look on Manymoon. I think we will see more such tools in the future… Just opinion.


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  • Vivien

    My partner and I just put out ProjectGoo 2.0 which is a free project management tool that integrates Microsoft Project and the Google Cloud. And it’s free :)

  • olegshilovitsky

    Vivien, thanks for your comments! Definitely will take a look on your company… Welcome to plmtwine! Cheers, Oleg.

  • Tom Gill

    Hi Oleg,

    Project/Program Management is part of the Aras Open Source PLM software application.

    Best Regards


  • olegshilovitsky

    Tom, Thanks! Good point. So, we have alternatives – 1/comes out as open source; 2/online-saas based on Google Apps. This is not the only two options, but this is clearly case that can take us back to two most important software trends Best, Oleg