PLM Prompt: Will Office 2010 disrupt PLM sales?

PLM Prompt: Will Office 2010 disrupt PLM sales?

ms-office-2010-webLoud prompt Microsoft is releasing Office 2010 version, which will include free Office 2010 browser version. Take a look also on some analysis on eWeek article.

This is something that potentially can be very disruptive for PLM portion of collaboration, which relies on sharing and non-3D and unstructured information. Office 2010 in browser will become web application that can be used by supplier’s community…

Is it right time to re-thing PLM and Office roadmap?


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  • Tarun Philar

    There is much more to PLM than Office 2010 collaboration. The value proposition of having collaboration as an embedded and intelligent PLM enabler with ability to track outputs coming from a collaborative session and linking that data to the PLM end to end business processes is really the key. There are additional advantages in maintaining a “single version of the truth” in PLM Vs the nightmare of data redundancy and synchronization issues with multiple systems. I believe PLM is there to stay with ever expanding and growing need to reduce costs associated with product development, quicker time to market, distributed global R&D and manufacturing environments…and the list goes on…

  • Tarun, You are absolutely right! PLM value proposition you mentioned in your comment is absolutely important. However, as you mentioned, there is growing need to reduce cost. The most popular tool today to manage bill of materials and everything related to product development is MS Excel. You can find it everywhere. Why? Cost, ownership, simplicity… with all nightmare of data redundancy, free web version of Office 2010 will be just another disruptive factor, since web version will allow to resolve some additional problems that standalone MS Excel wasn’t able to resolve…. Best, Oleg.

  • Schuber Christophe

    Hello, I agree with both comments, a solution would be to link PLM objects to office documents on the cloud and to allow a mixed informal collaboration. I believe in bridges. Thus, I see a difficulty in harmonizing data access control (I think of exostar hight security improvements done by MS).
    Regards, Christophe

  • Schuber, Thank you! I like your proposal, actually. Cloud and mix of information will be way to go… But, I think IP control, security, access etc. will introduce many questions on this way. Best, Oleg