New Office 2010 features for PLM integration

New Office 2010 features for PLM integration

I’m continuing to provide my observation for upcoming Microsoft Office 2010 version. Today, I’d like to discuss two features related to Office 2010 that probably not on the surface of day-to-day communication, but at the same time will be very important in context of broad PLM implementations.

Office 2010 Properties and Share command

In Office 2010 Command replaces previously – command and, known from Office 2007command. The new concept of Backstage, going to be introduced in Office 2010 will centralize and summarize access to general information about documents and will simplify way to communicate with content in my view.


In addition, <Share> command takes central place in User interface. <Share> command provides central place where exchange between Office and other formats and systems will happen.  This is very interesting move. Microsoft reasonable assumes <Share> command will provide better feeling to users and will eliminate information redundancy. For me, this place will become central place to integrate with PLM system in Office 2010.


Open Document Format.

Another important topic in my view. Open Document format was introduced in Office 2007. It provides an alternative XML format for saving documents and content. In my view, Open Documents format played important role in the past when Office 2007 was integrated with MOSS 2007. So, together with command, Open Document format provides good foundation to integrate unstructured content with Office in very granular way.

What is my conclusion? Properties, Share, Change File Type commands and combination with Open Document Format in Office 2010, provides advanced foundation for integration with PLM content and systems. They will allow to integrate non-structured content in PLM such as – Requirements, Engineering Change, Published 3D content etc.


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