PLM Prompt: Will Google OS become platform for CAD?

PLM Prompt: Will Google OS become platform for CAD?

Very Loud Prompt- Google building 3D hardware boost into Chrome.

Google 3D boost

Brad Chen, engineering manager of the Google Native Client said in his presentation – “With O3D, we think we’ll be able to enable high-quality games, the kind you’re accustomed to seeing on consoles, as well as CAD (computer-aided design) applications” .

Since Google already owns SketchUp, I’d assume this will be first CAD system to run on Google OS. However, we can see a new circle of CAD competition on different platforms. In addition to today’s Windows vs. Mac OS, Google OS will come to the game.

Just my opinion… Oleg.


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  • Hello Oleg-

    The Google Chrome browser is my least favorite browser. I am very uncomfortable with the power Google holds currently. In my opinion, they have too much of the world’s data parked on their servers.

    I really don’t want all my I.P. data on Goggle’s machines. Do you?


  • Devon, I’m ok with this as soon as it regulated enough. I remember time ago, people were disappointed since they didn’t see alternative to Microsoft. Today, an issue moved to Google servers… Regards, Oleg.

  • murliram

    Hello Oleg & Devon,
    I am concerned about Google servers holding all the IP too. But I am hoping this will spurn a whole new model of CAD Applications, ultimately leading to more competition and richer software.
    Case-in-point: While you dislike, Google Chrome is my favorite browser (for performance reasons, not for features). I use IE and/or firefox only when I need to.

  • Murliram, I think evolving of new types of CAD applications on internet in general and on platform like google will be very interesting future move…. Actually, Chrome is my default browser and IE and FF is only when I work on specific sites… Regards, Oleg