PLM Definition – Next Round?

PLM Definition – Next Round?

The definition of what is Product Lifecycle Management is one of the most controversial topics in PLM blogosphere and other publications about PLM. Last year, I had a chance to publish the following blog post – How to define PLM?. It provides two opposite views on PLM definitions from Siemens PLM and from Al Dean at Develop 3D. The following YouTube video caught my attention early today. It presents the way PTC defines Product Lifecycle Management.

What is my take? I found PTC way to define PLM very comprehensive. I was surprised a bit by finding how PTC is introducing Apple MacBook in this video, which is probably confirming Microsoft platform diversification and create some expectation about the future PTC Creo applications tailored to Mac’s platform as it was mentioned by Mike Campbell. However, with the importance of all complex enterprise systems, something is missing in the video… In my view, the answer on a simple question – How to get the job done? Complexity kills…

Just my thoughts.
Best, Oleg



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