PLM Prompt: Amazon RDS and future PLM apps on cloud?

Amazon announced Amazon RDS. In my view, this is the next logical level of cloud services’ deployment. Now you can develop you cloud applications with RDBMS back-end on cloud… Impressive? I think so and I think multiple PLM providers will be able to leverage that.

Quote from the Amazon Web Services blog article:

Today I’d like to tell you about our newest service, the Amazon Relational Database Service, or Amazon RDS for short. Now in beta, RDS makes it easier for you to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud. You get direct database access withoutworrying about infrastructure provisioning, software maintenance, or common database management tasks.

Using the RDS APIs or the command-line tools, you can access the full capabilities of a complete, self-contained MySQL 5.1 database instance in a matter of minutes. You can scale the processing power and storage space as needed with a single API calland you can initiate fully consistent database snapshots at any time.

Much of what you already know about building applications with MySQL will still apply. Your code and your queries will work as expected; you can even import a dump file produced by mysqldump to get started.

This is also a good time to point back on cloud watching Kate and I made on 3D Perspectives. Below you can see current results.

Picture 18
Picture 19
What do you think about that? Do you or your organization is thinking about the future of cloud applications?

Best, Oleg


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  • yml

    This is a very interesting announcement for several reason:

    * RDS will enable you to scale your DB server very easily from small to huge database server very easily this can help many company to scale vertically their application.

    * The database server chosen is MySQL. This compatibility allows you to develop your application locally and take the compatibility has granted.

    * RDS comes with built in backup restore mechanism. I cannot count the number of time I have seen this process going wrong when you really need it.

    * It significantly lower the administration work you had to do when hosting your own DB server on an EC2 instances.

    All this comes at with a cost that I find a bit hight.

  • yml

    Oups again submit the form before I really wanted to do it.

    The last comment is that aws (amazon web services is a perfect illustration of what can be done with the GNU/Linux/OSS stack. It is important to note that in order to take advantage fully of this the infrastructure you used to develop your application should be compliant with this stack of software.


  • Yann, Thank you for your comment! Indeed, I agree, RDS is much simpler way to go with database apps on cloud compared to pure EC2. With regards to your second note, you are not expected to be compliant to GNU/Linux/OSS if you host machine which is Windows.
    Best, Oleg