Invisible PLM or Document Collaboration with Gmail?

Invisible PLM or Document Collaboration with Gmail?

In my view, the majority of organizations are collaborating using pure email. PLM implementation has hard time to compete with email to become first class collaboration tools. I had a chance to see an interesting company DokDok making software for Google Apps that allows you to share documents separately from Gmail. The power of this idea is in simplicity and “invisible data management” capabilities.

What is my take on this? The idea of sharing documents between Gmail is simple and powerful. Think about similar PDM/PLM tools. You can keep people to collaborate via email when managing documents hidden on shared storage. I think, we need to see more such types of “invisible data management solutions” in the future. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg


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  • Oleg, I agree with you totally – are you ready to build the perfect PLM on top of google apps ?
    There are many opportunities just waiting to be exploited. If I had the time + energy I would do it. I saw you will be with Technia in Sweden this year (a great company !) Will you be putting in an appearance in Germany on the way ?

  • beyondplm

    Martin, thanks for your comments! Google is fascinating as a platform. However, I see PLM (if we agree on PLM definition from one of my previous posts :)) is very conservative with regards to placement of data outside of firewall. Despite on many discussions about that, this is still a question. I’m going to blog about SaaS PLM in coming days, so we’ll have an additional chance to discuss it. Best, Oleg
    PS. Yes, I’m coming to Sweden to speak on Technia forum and lead of the round table discussions. There are no trips to Germany, for the moment. However, if I will have an opportunity, I’d like to go.

  • Hi Oleg,

    I really like your concept of “invisible data management solutions”, it’s a great way to summarize DokDok. We started working on DokDok because every single document sharing applications we could find insisted on getting you OUT of email. Files must be uploaded and downloaded in a special place, comments had to be made on their system and everyone had to create their account and log in frequently to keep up with these updates. Good luck getting your clients and external collaborators on board such systems!

    As you said, a majority of organizations are collaborating using pure email. There’s a vast quantity of documents lost in people’s mailboxes, our aim is to make those documents easily retrievable and useful.

    Founder – DokDok

  • beyondplm

    Bruno, Thank you for commenting and referencing Beyond PLM. I agree, the majority of people are collaborating via email. This is what I can see in engineering organization and manufacturing companies. Good luck with dokdok! Best, Oleg

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