To Harmonize PLM?

I read an interesting write up yesterday in UK Eureca magazine – EADS is flying harmonised PLM. The background for this message is EADS 2007 decision to go with PTC Windchill – you can take a look on the original press release here. What is defined in this release is:

EADS is making a major stride towards harmonizing its landscape and as a result will improve communications between its divisions, reduce time-to-market and increase overall product quality. PTC’s Windchill® will provide EADS with a single system that will act as the enterprise PLM backbone for its product development. As a result, EADS will launch the PHENIXCHANGE product, to be developed based on PTC’s Windchill, as the common enterprise PLM solution for future programmes of all EADS Divisions.

I was curious to understand what means “harmonized PLM”? Here is the explanation from Eureka magazine:

The PHENIXCHANGE (PLM Harmonisation Enhanced Integration and eXcellence) solution is to be used in all future programmes in all EADS divisions. The programme was initiated in 2007 and is described as a ‘heterogeneous system’ which has to be able to work with Dassault’s Catia CAD tool, Enovia PDM platform and Delmia.

Why I found is interesting? One of the biggest problems well-known in PLM implementation is reliance on a single tool. Everything is going smooth, when you are running a set of tools from a single provider. However, the reality is that all manufacturers are running multiple tools. So, it looks like EADS and PTC wizards invented something that allows to run PTC tools together with Dassault products such as CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA… The detailed architecture of such implementation can be an interesting.  Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg


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