PLM 2.0 Advantages for Communities of Manufacturers

PLM 2.0 Advantages for Communities of Manufacturers

Some thought about how PLM 2.0 technologies will impact future product development communities and processes. Who is winner? My conclusion was – users! Especially this is individual users doing their everyday tasks. The key of Web 2.0 was ability to create technology enabling social network of people. This is real revolution in ability of people to interact in connected world.

PLM 2.0 is taking technologies enabling people to develop products to the level of social network. Key solution is to make people to interact between them using content of design, engineering and manufacturing. People located in different places in the world will be able to work on the same design and seamlessly exchange data with suppliers and outsources.

This is will be revolution in the way all companies will be involved into product of development. Product data will be available and understandable for all. The special impact PLM 2.0 will have on small companies today not able to use expensive and disconnected PDM systems. PLM 2.0 will allow to small companies, suppliers and manufactures to create social PLM Network in the way people interact in Web 2.0 environment today.




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