Where are Oracle PLM Adaptive Intelligent Apps?

Where are Oracle PLM Adaptive Intelligent Apps?

Thinking about SaaS application race? You’re not alone. Some companies cannot agree with new landscape of applications. As such, Oracle cannot agree with the dominance of Salesforce.com. I learn about new Oracle plans to overtake Salesforce.com in SaaS. Read the following article to learn more – Oracle Places Huge Bets On AI And Machine Learning To Overtake Salesforce In SaaS.

You might think enterprise behemoth such as Oracle will be using rich set of features to out-compete Salesforce? Nope… You’re totally wrong. You probably had a chance to read my yesterday article – How to win PLM SaaS race. You do it by watching shifts. And Oracle is doing exactly the same. AI is a shift. Oracle is planning to get there using new approach defined as AI (Adaptive Intelligent) Apps.

Oracle says thousands of businesses across every industry are expecting this new generation of AI-infused apps—in Oracle parlance, the AI stands for Adaptive Intelligence—to trigger unprecedented levels of speed in innovation, in the ability to disrupt competitors or even entire industries, and in the ability to adapt to and get in front of rapidly shifting market dynamics.

While machine learning and AI are at the center of Oracle’s SaaS revolution, blockchain and IoT will also become mainstream technologies embedded within all appropriate SaaS apps across its huge product lineup that covers ERP, including EPM and Financials; HCM; Customer Experience, or CRM; and Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing.

Forbes article gives you a bit more info, but my favorite part was the following diagram showing various types of Oracle AI applications – Adaptive Intelligent Apps.

The key is intelligence…

Those machine-learning capabilities are built upon four foundation pieces: data, data science, modern SaaS applications and vast amounts of raw computing horsepower to churn through the huge volumes of data that the apps are processing, creating, learning from, and building upon.

I’ve been looking at the picture. It looks great and outlines very well Oracle strategy. However, here is the thing –  it doesn’t have any PLM Adaptive App. Why so? This is a good question. Does it mean PLM is not an independent domain for Oracle? Maybe Oracle decided to discontinue existing Agile PLM and bring a replacement?  And maybe PLM Intelligent Apps aren’t defined yet. The last is very much probable including Oracle understanding the need to replace legacy Agile PLM to something better.

What is my conclusion? Will Oracle outcompete Salesforce.com? I have no idea. But what is clear that vendors (even such big like Oracle) are using an alternative strategy and technology to outcompete other companies. So, where it leaves us and future PLM competition. Big shifts and trends. This is what matter when you think about competition with dominant PLM players. And it looks like Oracle didn’t decide yet what to do about PLM AI. But, I think, Intelligence can bring a new platform to replace existing vendors. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg

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